Réunion pour les adoptés adultes d’origine chinoise à travers le monde

Du mardi 28 septembre au 2 octobre 2010 se réuniront pour la première fois les adoptés adultes d’origine chinoise à travers le monde. C’est gratuit pour les adoptés.

WHAT: First Chinese Adult Adoptee Worldwide Reunion 2010, Hong Kong – Theme: Journey Through Adoption.

WHEN:  Tuesday, September 28 to Saturday, October 2, 2010. (3 days social bonding and 2 full days HK adoptee info).

WHO: We are inviting all adult Hong Kong and Chinese adoptees (18 and older) and adult orphans to participate in our FIRST Chinese worldwide adoptee reunion.

WHERE: Wanchai, Hong Kong (reunion is entirely confidental but Empire Hotel and Metro Park being closest to our venue).

HOW: Read about Lucinda’s latest trip to Hong Kong under ”Establishing Ties in Hong Kong” to start the official organising of the fall 2010 reunion.  We invite adoptees to join our virtual Planning Committee throughSkype conference calls or consider supporting us through other ways.

Early registration and emergency support will be available.

COST:  Adoptees attending is currently FREE (but donations are very welcome), because as volunteer organisers, we have to consider the cost for our venue, transportation to the orphanages, and hopefully a shared hosted yum cha meal together and freshments during the reunion (and so much more).  Other costs are on your own (ie flights, meals and transportation).  We will be canvassing for discount and group rates where possible (ie  catering, tours  and much more) as long as we know you are attending (registration required).

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